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Fire safety at home is a universal concern, and no one should be left vulnerable in the event of an emergency. Members of society who are hard of hearing face unique challenges when it comes to fire safety, as they may not hear the high-pitched alarm sound of traditional smoke detectors. Conventional Australian Standard 3786:2014 smoke alarms are designed to produce 85dB at a distance of 3 meters. Whilst this is adequate to wake most people from sleep, it may not be enough to wake those of us who are hard of hearing. Fortunately, Red smoke alarms have paved the way for a cost effective solution with their strobe light and vibrating pad (model RHIS), making it possible for everyone to be alerted to fire hazards, regardless of their hearing ability.

Red smoke alarms strobe light and vibrating pad (model RHIS)

The Red smoke alarms strobe light and vibrating pad is an accessory which is designed to be wirelessly interconnected with other RF enabled Red smoke alarm and Red heat alarms.

The strobe light component emits a high intensity, powerful, attention-grabbing flash when the smoke alarm is triggered, ensuring visual notification during waking hours. Simultaneously, the vibrating pad placed under a pillow or mattress generates strong vibrations and provides a tactile response, alerting individuals whilst they sleep – watch our video below to see how it functions.

Wireless interconnectivity with other Red smoke alarms and Red heat alarms

The strobe light and vibrating pad model RHIS can be wirelessly paired with other Red smoke alarms + heat alarms to create a comprehensive interconnected home network. If any alarm within the network detects smoke or heat, all other networked alarms and the strobe light and vibrating pad will activate simultaneously.

Mains powered with rechargeable battery back-up

The Red smoke alarms strobe light and vibrating pad is mains powered and plugs into your standard household power socket in the wall. Additionally, it features a rechargeable battery back-up that provides uninterrupted operation during temporary power outages. It is important to note that the rechargeable back-up battery must be replaced after five years of use to maintain optimal performance.

Flexible installation options

The strobe light is suitable for wall mounting, offering easy installation with two included screw fixings and mounting bracket. Alternatively, it can be placed in a free-standing position such as bedside table or on a dresser. The vibrating pad is placed under a pillow, or inside the pillow case. As there is no electrical wiring involved the strobe light and vibrating pad can be easily DIY installed.

How much does the Red smoke alarms strobe light and vibrating pad cost?

The Red smoke alarm strobe light and vibrating pad model RHIS retails for $299. Add in the cost of a Red smoke alarm model R10RF ($79.95) and the total outlay becomes $378.95. Red smoke alarms provide a more cost effective solution, even when taking into account other government subsidised brands such Brooks and Bellman which are still more expensive by comparison.


Inclusive safety is a fundamental aspect of a well-functioning Australian society. Hard of hearing individuals should not be at a higher risk during fire emergencies. By incorporating the Red smoke alarms strobe light and vibrating pad (model RHIS), and following legislative requirements for smoke alarm installation, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of their hearing abilities, is protected from the dangers of fire. It’s a small step toward a safer, more inclusive world where everyone can rest easy, knowing that their homes are equipped with the best in Australian fire safety technology.