How are ZEN different to other smoke alarms?

There are several important differences between ZEN wireless interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms and conventional smoke alarms.

ZEN smoke alarms are photoelectric smoke alarms

1) Our smoke alarms are photoelectric (not ionisation). Older conventional smoke alarms use radioactive ionisation as the process by which they detect smoke particles in the air. Ionisation smoke alarms are good at detecting smoke from fast flaming fires, but are less adept at detecting smoke from smouldering flames which is common of most house fires. Ionisation alarms have also been known to cause frustrating nuisance alarms, which might condition people to switch them off, putting themselves at risk. For these reasons the older style ionisation smoke alarms are being phased out both in Australia and internationally. All ZEN smoke alarms are the photoelectric type and do not also contain an ionisation sensor.

ZEN smoke alarms are interconnected smoke alarms

2) Older smoke alarms typically operated as stand-alone units. If a smoke alarm sensed smoke on the ground floor of a building – yes it may activate, but any other smoke alarms on the upper floors would not activate until smoke had entered the same air space – by this time it could be too late to initiate an effective response (or escape).

Our ZEN smoke alarm bundle packs (5, 7 or 10-packs) arrive to you already wirelessly ‘interconnected’ together – there is no complicated pairing process as we’ve done it for you! If one interconnected ZEN smoke alarm detects smoke anywhere within a building, then all smoke alarms paired within the same network will simultaneously initiate their alarm. This can provide increased early warning and response time for residents.

ZEN smoke alarms have a 10-year long life battery

3) Our smoke alarms have a sealed (non-removeable) 10-year long life 3v lithium battery. Conventional smoke alarms are usually powered by a 9v replaceable battery. When the battery life becomes drained over time the smoke alarm begins to emit a loud intermittent ‘chirp’ noise. The chirp serves as a noisy (and annoying) reminder to replace the battery, and continues until the battery is replaced. As seen in past events, residents can remove the battery, disabling the chirping noise and the alarm itself, often with tragic consequences.

Because our smoke alarms are powered by a long life 10-year lithium  battery which is sealed inside the unit, the battery cannot be deliberately removed. At the end of the 10-year battery life span, the entire smoke alarm unit is simply replaced with a new one!

ZEN smoke alarms can be easily DIY installed

4) As there is no electrical wiring required, ZEN wireless smoke alarms can be easily DIY installed using the included screws and mounting bracket. A compliance certificate showing that the smoke alarms are Australian Standard 3786:2014 compliant is also included in the box with every ZEN smoke alarm.

ZEN smoke alarms free shipping and same day dispatch

5) ZEN smoke alarms offer free Australia Post shipping for all orders over $100, and same day dispatch if placed before 1:30pm business days – how good is that! Customers tell us they love our super-fast Australia wide delivery. Note we are not an offshore drop shipper. All our Aussie stock is kept locally at warehouses in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

ZEN smoke alarms are remote control compatible

6) ZEN smoke alarm bundle packs include a free remote control device (can also be purchased separately). Whilst the alarms will work perfectly fine without it, the ZEN remote control provides added convenience in that it allows you to periodically test the alarms, without having to reach up to the ceiling to press the alarm itself.

Probably the best feature of the ZEN remote control though, is the silence (hush) button. The silence button eliminates rushing around in a mad panic when you burn the toast in the kitchen. It also allows you to quickly and easily identify the location of the source alarm or problem area.

ZEN smoke alarms offer amazing after-sales support

and excellent customer service

7) Shop with confidence knowing you are buying from a well established, knowledgeable, and trustworthy company. Upholding good business ethics is important to us – we don’t hide behind online ‘contact us’ forms or Facebook Messenger – got a question or problem? – call Christian anytime on 0478 596 402 – he loves to help!

We are also members of professional industry associations such as the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) – this is your symbol of trust. But don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying with over 140 Google 5-star reviews! – ZEN Photoelectric Smoke Alarms located in New Farm, QLD.

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